Developers who incorporate fair and affordable housing into mixed-income developments or rehabilitate existing structures as new fair and affordable housing contribute to the community by promoting diverse neighborhoods. In addition, there are federal, state and local government incentives and funding support for the creation of affordable housing that developers may apply for and benefit from when they include affordable housing units. Further, some communities provide a more streamlined approval process for developments that include affordable housing units.

The Westchester County Department of Planning provides, without charge, resources and guidance to assist developers through the process of building fair and affordable housing. Westchester County also provides a marketing consultant to work with each developer to create and implement an affirmative and fair marketing plan. The marketing consultant conducts outreach to potentially eligible households, accepts applications and screens potential renters and home buyers.

The following pages are intended to provide information to show you, as a developer, how you can contribute to making affordable housing a major component of our One Community.

How to Build AFFH
Read about the resources and guidance that is available to developers who build, or create through renovation, fair and affordable housing. Westchester County has housing programs and funding that support the purchase of property, infrastructure improvements and construction related to affordable housing.

Benefits of Mixed-Income Housing and Diverse Communities
Neighborhoods that have a range of housing types attract a wider variety of residents – families, single people, retirees, young people – and a broader range of household income levels. The variety and range build more interesting and sustainable communities. Here, you can read about some of the benefits of mixed-income housing and diverse populations.

Incentives and Programs
The county, state and federal governments provide funding for the development of affordable housing. Additionally, developers might have access to feasibility funding, technical assistance, and funds from various programs that cover housing development, rehabilitation, and rental assistance.

Affordable Housing Gallery
Westchester County has many developments throughout the county that include affordable housing. They look no different from market-rate housing and fit right into their neighborhoods. Here, you can take a look at a sampling of affordable homes in Westchester, and see how they enhance and fit into local communities.

Application Guide
Download and use the Fair and Affordable Housing Development Program Application Guide to assist in preparing the required application materials when seeking funding assistance to pursue a fair and affordable housing development.

Green and Smart Technologies
Westchester County encourages everyone to take steps in protecting the environment as well as to consider integrating new technologies to enhance our way of life and reduce our carbon footprint. Building environmentally-friendly structures will certainly contribute positively to this end. Structures designed to take into consideration the needs of an aging population or those with disabilities will also be welcome innovations.

Marketing Plan
With the County’s assistance, developers create and implement an affirmative and fair marketing plan in cooperation with a marketing consultant selected by the County.

Monitoring Guidelines
It is important for Westchester to conduct initial and long-term monitoring of county-funded fair and affordable housing developments. Monitoring ensures that properties are being sold or leased to income qualified households.