Westchester is a county with unparalleled resources. Its cities, distinctive villages and suburban and rural towns give it vitality and variety. Taken together, we are One Community provides a wide range of housing opportunities for all income levels, all ages and all races. Over the decades, many of the county’s municipalities have taken steps to promote and to encourage the creation of affordable housing within their jurisdictions through zoning measures including inclusionary zoning, density bonuses and other support. The county government has supported these measures and provides information, resources and guidance to assist municipalities with their efforts.

Fair and affordable housing developments in the county range from one- to four-family homes to multi-family apartment buildings. Some affordable residences have been new construction while others were the result of rehabilitated properties or adaptive reuse of structures that were built for an entirely different use. But all have gone through the appropriate level of local planning review and approval.

As part of One Community, all municipalities throughout Westchester have access to the resources and expertise in county government to assist in the creation of new affordable housing.

Benefits of Mixed-Income Housing and Diverse Communities
Neighborhoods that have a range of housing types attract a wider variety of residents – families, single people, retirees, young people – and a broader range of household income levels. The variety and range build more interesting and sustainable communities. Here, you can read about some of the benefits of mixed-income housing and diverse populations.

Housing Home Page for Municipalities
Available county resources for municipalities are described on this page with links to additional details.

Affordable Housing Facts
Some municipalities, when promoting the building of affordable housing in their communities, may encounter resistance from residents who may have uninformed or misguided views about the impact of affordable housing on their communities. The county provides links to information that municipalities may use to address such concerns.

Affordable Housing Gallery
Westchester County has many developments throughout the county that include affordable housing. They look no different from market-rate housing and fit right into their neighborhoods. Here, you can take a look at a sampling of affordable homes in Westchester, and see how they enhance and fit into local communities.

Model Zoning Ordinance Provisions
Westchester County has developed Model Zoning Ordinance Provisions for the provision of affordable affirmatively furthering fair housing units. All communities are encouraged to review these provisions and consider adopting them as a means to further promote the development of new fair and affordable housing.

Land Use
The County Planning Department and the Westchester County Planning Board respond to the challenge of working within the county’s multi-jurisdictional and sophisticated environment by promoting intergovernmental cooperation and urging participation of the municipalities in regional and subregional planning efforts.

Westchester 2025
Westchester County has created a new tool for municipalities to be used in the development of local comprehensive plans. In cooperation with local municipal governments an initial set of “planning base studies” have been developed, assembling maps, charts, figures and analysis, in the form of Web-based data sets. This is information planners have always used to draft a comprehensive plan.