Westchester County is committed to promoting fair and equitable housing across its 6 cities, 19 towns and 20 villages.

For decades, Westchester County has been at the forefront of fair and affordable housing development, winning more than 50 awards in the process. Westchester is one of the most diverse counties in New York State, which is one of our greatest strengths. Diversity enhances our quality of life every day by attracting talented people, stimulating creative thinking, and promoting tolerance and understanding.

In recognition of its great diversity, every year Wwestchester County parks host heritage festivals that allow residents to celebrate and share with their neighbors many cultures from around the block and around the world.

The county's support of affordable housing is simple. Communities cannot grow and thrive if residents from across the economic spectrum cannot afford to live here. So the county works closely with its municipalities to make housing for individuals and families affordable to rent, buy and maintain.

Also know that there is absolutely no place for discrimination in Westchester. The county's Human Rights Commission stands ready to take on any incidents of alleged discrimination.

We hope these Web pages will act as an important resource for understanding the importance of fair and affordable housing and diversity, as well as a source of information for your questions.

Westchester is at its best when we are working as one community.