Download and use the Fair and Affordable Housing Development Program Application Guide below to assist in preparing the required application materials when seeking funding assistance to pursue a fair and affordable housing development.

The county's Department of Planning provides these resources to assist you in preparing your application and evaluating the proposal’s feasibility.  Below are links to sample workbooks created in Microsoft Excel. These workbooks integrate detailed development information and feasibility analysis information.

The Development Application Workbooks are intended to be a useful tool in conjunction with an application for funding. Project specific information entered will aid in calculating development budgets, estimating financing gaps and calculate cash flow and mortgage expenses. In addition, the workbooks will assist in illustrating affordability of the development to the target income groups and the levels of affordability which are achievable.

The workbooks are intended to be user-friendly, but do require a degree of housing development expertise. Feedback or suggested improvements are welcome and should be e-mailed to .

Fair and Affordable Housing Development Program Application Guide
  Guide to Westchester's housing assistance programs, fair and affordable housing application requirements, and application documents.
Rental Development Application Workbook
Single-Family Homeownership Development Application Workbook
Two-Family Ownership and Rental Unit Development Application Workbook
Condominium Ownership Development Application Workbook 
Development Project Costs spreadsheet 
  Preliminary sample worksheet
Sources and Uses or Gap Analysis spreadsheet 
  Preliminary sample worksheet
Operating Pro Forma spreadsheet
  Preliminary sample worksheet