jacobshillcortlandtWestchester County has developed Model Ordinance Provisions for local governments to adopt as a way to encourage new fair and affordable housing. A key requirement of the Housing Settlement, the Model Ordinance Provisions were developed with input from local officials as a tool for Westchester municipalities to facilitate the land-use approvals and construction of fair and affordable housing. 

Prior to the development of the Model Ordinance Provisions, the majority of Westchester municipalities had some kind of ordinance or regulations related to affordable housing. Several municipalities have had their previous regulations superseded, amended or replaced by regulations developed in response to the new Model Ordinance Provisions.

The Model Ordinance Provisions suggest that all future housing developments include no less than 10 percent of the units as fair and affordable units. Other elements include limiting the sales and rent prices and the income of the households eligible to apply for those units for a minimum 50-year period and encouraging more extensive marketing of the available housing opportunities.

Several municipalities have already adopted a version of the Model Ordinance Provisions. The staff of the Westchester County Department of Planning is available to discuss the Model Ordinance Provisions and its components. A Question and Answer sheet has been prepared based on questions that have arisen in review sessions and discussions with local officials..

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