Westchester municipalities boast a variety of fair and affordable housing opportunities. Some units are locally administered; others follow the county’s guidelines and often include county funding. See the listing of completed housing developments funded by the county. This listing is organized alphabetically by municipality. It will be updated as new developments are completed.

Where possible, photos of the properties have been included. However some properties have changed in small ways since they were first completed and the picture was taken. The pictures in the listing demonstrate the variety of housing assisted by the county; and how such housing through local control fits within the character of that community. Fair and affordable housing will vary by design, size, lay outs, tenure and even the type of structure. Homes have been built as new construction, rehabilitation of older units and even the adaptive reuse of a vacant structure originally built for some non-residential use.

Other important information includes the number of units in each development, year completed and term of affordability restrictions. It should be noted that units completed when the county’s housing programs were just beginning will have shorter, required affordability periods. In some cases, the affordability period has already expired. More recently, the county has required a more substantive affordability period – of at least 50 years. Some municipalities have required that units stay affordable in perpetuity.