This information is for anyone who is preparing to purchase a home, or current homeowners looking for assistance. Homebuyers can read an explanation of the different forms of homeownership and learn about the offering plans of condominium or homeowner associations. They can find information to help with house hunting and links to homebuyer counselling organizations that offer assistance in the home-buying process for a house, condominium or cooperative.

Interested in purchasing a fair and affordable home in Westchester? Check for available fair and affordable housing in the County on the Homeseeker page, or register on the Housing Opportunities Sign-Up page to be notified of new homeownership opportunities.

Homeowners at risk of defaulting on their mortgage or facing foreclosure will find resources on this topic listed on the Keeping Your Home page.

Homebuyers can also check the Westchester County’s income, sales and rent limits for fair and affordable housing in Westchester, learn about down payment and closing cost assistance grants and matched savings programs, and find out what actions to take when it is time to sell a "fair and affordable" housing unit on the Selling My "Fair and Affordable" Housing page.

Visit the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Web pages to find lists of licensed home improvement contractors or for a financial education on savings and planning or credit and debit management.

The Fair Housing Laws and Fair Lending Laws make it illegal for persons involved in purchasing a home to be discriminated against. This includes the actions of realtors, landlords, advertisers, appraisers, bankers and home inspectors. If you believe you are a target of discrimination, you can find out what you can do and where to go for help.