To qualify for housing programs households or individuals must meet the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Income Limits. The income limits, expressed as a percentage of the County’s area median income (AMI), are used in calculating the rents and sales prices of affordable housing. Each year Westchester County prepares and updates a fact sheet providing general information on the source of the Income Limits and setting of Sales Prices and Rent Limits. These are included in the Westchester County 2024 Area Median Income, Sales and Rent Limits Guide.  In addition, the utility allowances which are used to calculate maximum tenant net rent have been updated for 2023. The revised Utility Allowance Schedule should be used to calculate tenants’ utility costs.

The qualifying incomes described above may vary - depending on the program or population served, and are published annually by (HUD) for all areas of the country. Because Westchester County (WC) is a “High Cost” area, the County has received approval to use a calculation of 80 percent AMI for its homeownership programs, rather than HUD’s standard calculation, which applies the national average when determining the income limits.

HUD’s income limits must be used for any program involving federal funding, and was adopted by WC to use with County housing programs. The income limits are a widely accepted national standard for professionals working with fair and affordable housing issues. These limits are also used by New York State and other financiers of housing, such as charitable organizations and banks, when providing funds for housing developments in Westchester.

The County also encourages municipalities, local housing agencies and others to utilize HUD’s AMI standards and prepares and annually updates a fact sheet providing general information on the Westchester County Area Median Income, Sales and Rent Limits.

Interested municipalities, non-profits, landlords and tenants should call or e-mail Terry Fleischman at 914-995-2201 or and developers should call or e-mail Leonard Gruenfeld at 914-995-2409 or with any questions.