The Westchester County Department of Planning provides resources and guidance to assist developers with building fair and affordable housing.

The Fair and Affordable Housing Development Program Application Guide (FAH-DPAG) describes the County’s housing programs and funding process for the purchase of property, infrastructure improvements and construction. It offers information on topics helpful for the development of affordable housing. Links to information on county, state and federal government funding sources, which are used to create affordable housing and the eligibility standards, are provided.

On the application guides and sample forms Web page a number of sample forms, application workbooks, cost spreadsheets and other documents and guides can be downloaded and used to help determine feasibility of an affordable housing development.

The monitoring guidelines Web page will explain the housing standards and practices that are required for homeownership and rental developments that receive county funding.

Universal Design
In September 2011, Westchester County adopted an Act which requires the inclusion of universal design features in a minimum of 50% of new fair and affordable residential housing development that receives support from County funding programs such as the New Homes Land Acquisition (NHLA), the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF), HOME and CDBG programs.

Universal Design includes features such as step-free entrances, wider doorways and hallways to facilitate wheelchairs, grab bars, and reachable switches and controls. These features purpose is to make a housing unit more accessible for persons with mobility disabilities and promote independent aging. These design standard requirements were established by the American National Standards Institute in 2003. publishes a PDF of these standards.

Marketing Plan
Developers are obligated to create and implement an affirmative and fair Marketing Plan to reach eligible tenants and potential homeowners in a broad marketing area. The Homeseeker Web pages can also help with needed outreach to a broad and diverse population of eligible households.

Green and smart technologies can be incorporated into new and existing structures to make living in them more comfortable and affordable while reducing the carbon footprint. For tips on how to make energy upgrades affordable and low-interest financing visit the energy efficiency Web page or the NYSERDA Web site.

Learn about the availability of feasibility funding or review the study Office Park Housing - Adapting Underutilized Office Parks for Housing to learn about potential redevelopment and adaptive uses.

Housing Resource Guide for Autism Spectrum Disorder/Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
The Westchester Institute for Human Development (WIHD) created a Housing Resource Guide for families seeking housing in Westchester County for their adult children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. The guide:

  • contains an overview of housing options in Westchester and describes available paths and options for an individual and their family.
  • lists the resources that can affect housing opportunities and can lead to the creation of housing stock - such as governmental subsidies and incentives to home builders.
  • describes housing options in the Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) certified system and other state systems.
  • explains how to begin to create a housing plan, how to choose from the services and options available, and lists resources and programs for housing developers.