Affordable, mixed-income housing and racially and ethnically diverse neighborhoods are a benefit—both economically and socially—to all our residents. If a community shuts its doors to people of any income-level, race, or ethnicity, that community cannot prosper.

In 2014, the Westchester County Executive turned to 50 community leaders for their insights about the economic future of the county. To them, the greatest opportunity to attract new businesses was the ability to recruit talent, and the greatest opportunity to recruit talent was to offer a larger variety of mixed-income housing choices.

Below, you can find some of the benefits of mixed-income housing and racially and ethnically integrated communities, as well as links to sites that contain additional information you may find helpful and informative.

Benefits of Mixed-Income Housing

  • Mixed income housing promotes racially and ethnically diverse communities, providing a nurturing environment with diverse schools to raise children
  • Mixed income housing provides opportunities for seniors, young adults, and families to live in communities, at prices they can afford
  • Mixed income housing promotes economic empowerment and integration
  • Mixed income housing helps the local workforce, including volunteer first responders, live in the same community where they work
  • Mixed income housing revitalizes distressed areas

Benefits of Racially and Ethnically Integrated Communities

  • Diversity contributes to greater tolerance, fair-mindedness and openness to diverse networks and settings
  • Diversity makes us more creative, more diligent and harder-working
  • Diversity broadens the range of cultural experiences available
  • Diversity is a magnet for talent, stimulates new ideas and spurs economic growth Diversity in the classroom improves students’ academic outcomes and social growth. Schools flourish because contact with different types of people, different perspectives, different ways of thinking and different lifestyles helps us understand our own culture and values, and the world around us. Our children grow up to be more culturally sensitive, deal better with diverse work situations, and are less likely to apply racial stereotypes


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