Childhood lead poisoning is a preventable public health problem throughout the United States, stemming from deteriorated lead-based paint in older housing. In Westchester County, more than 85% of the housing stock was built before 1978; as a result, many children are potentially at risk for lead related, lifelong learning disabilities, behavioral problems and other serious health issues.

Westchester County has received a $4.1 Million grant from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to reduce lead-based paint, dust and other safety hazards in housing units of low and moderate income households over the next three and a half years.

The County’s Department of Planning will administer grant funds through the Lead Safe Westchester (LSW) Program and homeowners and property owners of single-family or multi-family homes are encouraged to apply for LSW assistance. The County will inspect each property and hire licensed and certified lead abatement contractors to complete the work. Homes with lead-based-paint hazards may include other health and safety hazards that may be eligible for repairs such as missing or non-functioning smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and roof leaks.

LSW funding is limited and applications will be accepted on a first come served basis. Priority will be given to households with a child under the age of six or a pregnant woman. Residents will need to provide proof that they do not exceed HUD’s income guidelines. For rental properties, eligibility is based on the income of residents, not the property owner. LSW Program Guidelines

After the LSW work is completed, HUD requires that affirmative marketing of rental units be offered to income eligible households for a period of at least three years and that owners do not sell their units for at least three years following the completion of LSW improvements.

Please contact Kevin Thomas at 914-995-4402 or via e-mail  for additional infromation and to obtain a LSW application.