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If you're interested in housing opportunities and want to be notified of upcoming fair and affordable homes for sale or rent, you've come to the right place.

First, we ask that you read this entire page before signing up. Important information that you'll need to know about the sign-up process is described, as well as the kinds of information you'll be asked and how that information will be used. 

Register and sign up
Register your information on the Housing Intake form to receive news and updates on housing developments. When you have completed registering, bookmark the sign in page for future reference.

Basic contact and household information
To receive news on housing developments, you will need to provide your contact and basic household information including family size, estimated annual income, preferred locations within the county, and need for access to public transportation, among other things. The information you provide will help the county match future housing opportunities to needs.

Marketing materials and informational events
Once you have signed up, marketing materials and information for housing will be sent to you as housing events and homes become available. The information may include how to apply for homes and rental units. You will also receive information on workshops, information sessions and open house notices.

A number of fair and affordable developments are now available or are under construction and will become available in the next few years. By signing up now through the online form, you will be notified of these upcoming opportunities as the homes become available.

Completing the interest form is not an application for housing
It is important to understand that submitting your name and information through the interest form is not an application for a home or apartment. It is a tool that allows the county, the county's Marketing Consultant (Westchester Residential Opportunites, Inc.) and housing developers to send marketing materials and information on how to apply for homes and apartments as they become available. The county may also send you information on homeownership workshops, information sessions and open house notices.

The application process for each housing development will be described in the materials you receive for that specific housing development. Nothing will obligate you to submit an application or to purchase or lease a unit if you are eligible for the housing. However, if you are offered a contract of sale for a home, signing such an agreement is a commitment to purchase and occupy the home. If you are offered a lease for a rental unit, signing the lease is a commitment to rent and occupy the unit.

Privacy notice
The contact information you will be providing in the sign-up will be shared our Marketing Consultant, Westchester Residential Opportunites, Inc., as well as with developers, their marketing staff and housing counseling agencies so they can notify you of available fair and affordable homes. By completing the interest form, you are agreeing to receive emails and other communications from the county and each of these other organizations. You will also be sent notices of housing-related information, educational and counselling opportunities. Additionally, statistical information from the interest list, which does not identify you personally, will be shared with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and others entitled to review such information. If you do not agree to have this information shared, then do not complete the form.